CPH Pharma activities

About CPH Pharma Activities

The activities of CPH Pharma started in the late 1950’s, when the company operated under the name Philipp Brothers (Holland) B.V. The company focussed primarily on the pharmaceutical markets in the former Comecon countries and former Yugoslavia, supplying a wide range of pharmaceutical raw materials, in close cooperation with prime Western producers, to the pharmaceutical industries in these countries. Through our expertise of all special aspects of such business, like barter transactions, switch transactions and special banking operations, the company has become an important catalyst for the trading of pharmaceutical activities between Western producers and consumers throughout the area mentioned above.

When Philipp Brothers (Holland) B.V., after having merged with the bankers Salomon Brothers in the early 80’s, decided to spin off their chemical and pharmaceutical activities, the same team which had been in charge of these activities took over the daughter company CPH from Philipp Brothers (Holland) B.V. and continued the same activities as an independent entity. We are proud to say that the relationships with most of our long standing partners in most of these countries have been maintained over all these years and that the same spirit of loyalty and mutual integrity and confidence is still in existence.

In addition to supplying API’s to our partners in what we consider “our area” we are today also active in setting up regulatory support for our partners, by arranging the transfer of registration files for generic drugs. Through our local offices in several of these countries, there is a regular exchange of ideas with our partners in this respect, which has resulted in quite a few generic registrations today, also enabling our partners in the area to export their finished drugs to Western Europe and other parts of the world. Under supervision of our office in Moscow we are also conducting operations in Uzbekistan and Georgia. Our office in Tashkent is running 3 pharmacies, which are selling ethical and generic drugs, imported by ourselves, directly to the patients and also distributing these throughout the country. A team of over 50 people, including a number of medical doctors, is in charge of this operation. Today CPH is one of the leading pharmaceutical importers in Uzbekistan.Our company is cooperating with a plant in Tbilisi where various stable Isotopes are being produced and exported to all parts of the world through our company. Main products are the Isotopes O-18 (in the form of Water) and N-15 (in the form of Ammonium and other salts). O-18 is used in PET tomography, which worldwide is a substantially growing market.